21-23 February 2020
Kadır Has UnIversıty, Istanbul



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Letter From Secretary General;

Honorable participants,

It is a great honor for me, as the Secretary-General of the Kadir Has University Model United Nations Advanced Conference 2020, to introduce the first edition of our advanced conference.

We have decided to create a unique conference with more than 10 conference experience we have held in the past. It is a great pleasure to explain to you the HasAdvanced20, where the experience and the level will be raised to the next level, which will also be independent from the Hasmun and Hastrain conferences.

As for the committees, we have 3 different historical committees that will make you feel the debates at the maximum level. The reason why we chose historical committees is that we are expecting to gain different perspectives on what happened in the past.

Our first committee simulation will be JCC: American Revolution. Both sides, which are Great Britain and Thirteen Colonies, will face difficulties and problems in the committee. I can assure you that  the feeling of a revolution will get in to your skin and you will come across more than just a war and piece committee. You will come across a lot more than that.  

Our second committee simulation will be Japan Cabinet in 1945. The previous committees which were about the Second World War will seem like a piece of cake because in this committee we aimed to give you an experience about the Second World War but with the minor details about that. Details like all the blood,tears and struggle people of Japan faced. Are you planning to go to war? Think again. Are you planning to ensure peace? Well, good luck! Prepare yourself for the collapse of the Empire of Japan.

And lastly, our final committee will be the African American Movement, which the delegates of the Historical UNHRC committee will evaluate the problems with possible resolutions in the ’60s. You will have to make some serious calls with events that will overcome inequality. Everyone wondering what the decisions will be? What is Freedom? Freedom is the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved. But having freedom is not that easy right? Can you ensure freedom to all people or do you think classification is a mandatory thing? Or the actual question what needs to be answered is:  freedom or security? We shall see.

With the magnificent HasAdvanced Academy team and Organization team, we look forward to make you experience a high level conference and stick in your minds when you talk about your Model United Nations experiences.

Last but not least, I would like to thank our Director-General  Ekin Eryazar and her Deputy-Director-General  Lal Kula for their unbelievable effort and hardwork. Also I would like to thank some special colleagues who never left us and stand by with us against every problems we faced during this process, without  any interest. Your supports will never be forgotten. 

Now we would like to invite you to Kadir Has University, Cibali Campus on between 21st-23rd February to be a part of this unique conference experience.

Kind Regards,                                                                                                                   

İlyas Evren Kurt.

Secretary-General at Kadir Has University Model United Nations Advanced Conference 2020.


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